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my brothers say that if this gets 500,000 notes i get to get out of the cage


goddammit we’re getting you out of hell ourselves 

if we get enough notes we need to take a screen shot and tweet it to the writers.


The never ending dilemma of a gamer and artist who doesn’t really have a lot of spare time.





Never forget – Cockles looove to snuggle up!!! [x,x]


They are just as excited as we are!

deanvspanties answered: XD i don’t think demon!dean has any sense of what ‘too mean’ entails. He would totally do that.

Oh god… Can’t wait for October on what they muster up on all the shenanigans that Dean pull out of his ass XD!

deanvspanties whispered: And to rub it in, it would be styled like his own hair XD

Holy shit, that would be hilarious XD!

What if there is an episode where Sam wakes up all good and peaceful.. Everything is all right, until he goes up to the bathroom mirror and see that his long hair is missing? Demon!Dean gave him a hair cut in the middle of the night? Or is that to mean XDDD?


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msfotaku whispered: Ashley XD! Somebody ask me to draw bottom!Castiel with Dean in my artblog XD... Never thought I would be ask that.. Like obviously, you know my answer but still. And the fact they go on saying 'You picture dean as a weakling. I thought Castiel was the weakling in destiel relationship.' I don't picture neither of them a weakling.. I just know that canon wise, Dean is a sub in bed... Him being a bottom would vary but you know me.


Yeah I don’t understand people sometimes lol. Some of the things they say just makes me cringe! People call me petty for being a bottom!dean bigot, but it’s not like I have a stupid reason for feeling that way. I’m not all “Aw Dean’s weak so therefore he must be a bottom”. That’s not true and it just sounds stupid… Ugh people like that really infuriate me XD 

I just don’t understand why anyone has to be a weakling XD It’s stupid and childish and not how sex works at all. Both Dean and Castiel are very strong physically and mentally. That has nothing to do with how they express sexuality. Sex is a blend of physical and emotional intimacy, sometimes it’s more physical than not, especially with Dean and his countless bedmates. They don’t mean anything to him and it’s probably easy for him to top (even though he seems pretty submissive with even girls), but I firmly believe that when there is also the emotional side of sex, Dean becomes predominantly submissive because emotionally he’s very stunted. I feel like sex with Castiel would be a very emotional thing for Dean because he will be vulnerable emotionally AND physically with him. Seriously having sex with a MALE takes a bit of trust for someone previously identified as ‘straight’. Emotionally because Castiel’s the only one who’s ever been allowed to see Dean desperate without any macho front—Something that every human feels at times and does not make any single person weak, Dean just hides it too much so he’s not used to being open with someone. Castiel would need to be careful with Dean that way, and I think he would naturally take the lead when it comes to sex with Dean to make him know that feeling this way for a man is not bad, and it’s okay to receive pleasure purely because he deserves it.

I’m not saying they’re never gonna switch because in all likelihood they will, but I honestly believe that Dean will prefer to be submissive in bed. I will probably always write bottom!dean because I find it easier to write and it is my preference. :P 

EXACTLY! You explain very much on how I see them as. Yeah, it made me turn my head in way to where they said the weakling… That didn’t make sense to me.


Jared and Jensen - Behinds the scenes of the 200th episode (x)